Making your boating experience fun and SAFE is our number priority!


Old Ferry Marina offers FREE "Know Your Boat" instruction, which includes mastering the docking experience in most weather conditions, learning safe "man overboard" rescue maneuvers (which also applies to water skiing and tubing boat operators), how to tie up a boat to a dock securely, how to safely navigate narrow open water channels, how to read the U.S Coastguard "navigable waters marker system", what safety gear you need aboard, how to trim your engine while running, and much more. This class is excellent for new boaters, and those who haven't operated one for awhile. All you need to do is contact us in the office to sign up. Bring the whole family; Let's teach everybody! This is a BIG safety factor in an emergency.


Our Old Ferry Marina team can help and guide you with all aspects of maintaining your boat's safe operation, from flushing engines after every use, to basic engine tuneups, repairs, November winterizing, basically anything mechanical short of blown engines. We have an excellent mechanic (Steve) here full time, so if it breaks, we fix it for you. Good maintenance means a dependable and safe boat. The marina stocks all required safety gear in our ship's store, so it's right here for you.


Emergency Communication: In a case of true emergency, where a personal injury or potential loss of vessel are involved, call the U.S. COAST GUARD on your VHF radio ON CHANNEL 16 (all newer model radios will go straight to channel 16 when they are turned on). PUT ON YOUR LIFE PRESERVERS. Turn on channel 16, press the “talk” button, announce you are calling the U.S. Coast Guard, state your vessel or personal name, your exact location if you can, and the nature of your problem, number of people injured, amount of water in your boat, etc., and ask for a response. They will direct you on how to proceed (this channel 16 is not for chat, running out of gas, radio checks, or asking directions. Emergencies Only!). If the Coast Guard does not respond, use the same procedure and broadcast “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” with your location and anyone in your vicinity can respond to help.


In many locations on the East Coast, The Sea Tow company operates a VHF Channel 28 exclusively for radio checks. Turn on your VHF, go to channel 28, press the “talk” button, and say “This is Bill …. calling for a radio check, over”, wait ten seconds, and channel 28 will recite your exact message back to you, so you can determine clarity and strength of signal. This radio check generally means your radio will transmit about ten miles (VHF is a “line of sight” radio beacon, so physical obstructions can shorten your transmission distance).

Be Safe. Be Happy. Have fun. (In that order).

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