Rack Storage



You and your family want to get into boating this summer. Then you look at the cost of the boat you want, add in the expensive truck to pull it, also need a boat trailer, and it seems too much. Then you're sitting in launch ramp lines, paying launch fees, buying ethanol laden fuel at the local station (very bad for boats), plus experiencing the dangers involved in getting boats on and off trailers. And difficult to go by yourself if you want to. Does all this sound good?




-Select the boat you want, have it delivered to Old Ferry Marina by the seller.
(Don't buy trucks to pull it, or trailers to carry it - in savings, you have already paid for 12 or more years of fun at Old Ferry Marina).

-Come to enjoy your boat at OFM in your convertible, or on your motorcycle, or in the comfort of your car, instead of being locked into bringing a truck.

-Enjoy YOUR HOUSE more - No boat sitting in your driveway, or cluttering up your yard or garage so you can't park there.

-Protect your boat- The engine gets flushed after every use. The exterior gets washed (from gunnels down) with soap and water after every use. It never gets put away dirty or full of salt. These maintenance practices will probably double or triple the life of your boat and it's engine.




It's Saturday morning, 9:00 A.M., 80 degrees, family is together at breakfast. "What a beautiful day for a boat ride to the beach!" Mom calls OFM, "please put our boat in at 10:30, and fuel it up please". Family piles into the car, and arrives at OFM to a nice grassy and clean parking lot, with carts to carry "stuff" to the boat (we have ice and sodas on site for your coolers), walks 100' to their boat in the water, fueled up and ready to go, and climbs on board, ready to play.

What a great day on the beach together, and caught some fish, too! 8:00 P.M. now, easily back to OFM dock (pull into a sheltered cove), tie up, flush engines with hoses set up on OFM dock, and walk away. Great or what? This is Real. Going on everyday at OFM. Could Happen for YOU.

150 Old Ferry Road
Sneads Ferry, NC 28460